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Google may postpone the phase-out of third-party cookies until 2025.

For the 1/3 time, Google has postponed the expected deprecation of 0.33-party cookies in its Chrome browser.

Google has postponed the deprecation of 1/3-party cookies in Chrome this year because of a couple of challenges and extended scrutiny from the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA),

Why we care. Brands now have greater time to prepare and discover alternatives to 1/3-party cookies. However, this is just another modernityinterior postpone. Third-party cookies will subsequently go away – simply not this yr.

What Google is saying: Google stated concerns about the remarks and requests they have received from the industry, regulators, developers, and the CMA in a announcement they released via Privacy Sandbox News:

We HomesCrafto recognize that there are ongoing demanding situations related to reconciling divergent comments from the industry, regulators and developers, and could retain to interact closely with the complete environment.”
“It’s also essential that the CMA has sufficient time to review all proof consisting of effects from industry assessments, which the CMA has asked market participants to provide by means of the stop of June.”
“Given these significant issues, we are able to not entire third-celebration homeRenovant cookie deprecation at some stage in the second half of Q4.”
New deadline: Despite the postpone, Google did not provide a particular timetable. Google expressed hope for final touch via 2025. As a reminder, Google first announced plans to section out cookies in January 2020.

Hurdles: Since the first declaration of the shift to remove cookies by HomeBlissHub way of the end of 2024, there were 3 major hurdles that have made this deadline unlikely:

39 “issues” ShopingCheckout raised by using the CMA in January.
Reservations voiced by the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
Google’s proposed options to 1/3-celebration cookies, inclusive of the TrendhubTreasure Privacy Sandbox, dealing with criticism for his or her efficacy.

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